1983 – Acquisitions and More Expansion

Within another year the company needed a larger location in order to keep up with its growing production, increasing from the the 12,000 square ft warehouse to a much larger 46,000 square ft warehouse also located in Compton, California. The year 1983 additionally marked the acquisition of Formula Tire – Motorcycle by Nankang USA.

1979 – Expansion to Gardena

After the addition of several product lines Nankang USA saw a location move, settling in a much larger 12,000 square ft warehouse located in Gardena, California. Later that year Nankang USA began producing original equipment for Snapper Lawn Mower.

1976 – NANKANG USA and Specialty Tires

The following year K.H.H. Enterprises changed the company’s name to Nankang USA. Shortly after the newly renamed Nankang USA became the Original Equipment Manufacturer of tires for Snapper Lawn Mower, Murray Ohio, and Jackson MFG. That year also signaled the beginning of specialty tire production for L and G and trailer applications by Nankang USA.

1975 – The Expansion

Several years later in 1975, K.H.H. Enterprises expanded from its original location to a larger 4,000 square ft building in Torrance, California. The company went on that year to become the original equipment manufacturer of tires for HUFFY Bicycle.