Our History


Tireco, Inc. is one of North America’s largest private brand marketers and distributors of tires and tire related products. Started in 1972, our company offers one of the most comprehensive private brand programs in the industry with products covering consumer, commercial, specialty and wheel applications.


1972 – The Beginning

The present-day Tireco, Inc. originated as K.H.H. Enterprises in 1972. The company’s initial location was a small 2,000 square ft office and warehouse located in Torrance, California. From this location the company distributed some of its earliest products, this included tires to be fitted on 10-speed bicycles.

1975 – The Expansion

Several years later in 1975, K.H.H. Enterprises expanded from its original location to a larger 4,000 square ft building in Torrance, California. The company went on that year to become the Original Equipment Supplier of tires for HUFFY Bicycle.

1976 – Nankang USA and Specialty Tires

The following year K.H.H. Enterprises changed the company’s name to Nankang USA. Shortly after the newly renamed Nankang USA became the Original Equipment Supplier of tires for Snapper Lawn Mower, Murray Ohio, and Jackson MFG. That year also signaled the beginning of specialty tire distribution for L and G and trailer applications by Nankang USA.

1977 – Formula Motocycle Tires

In the year 1977, Nankang USA started distributing the first Formula branded motorcycle tires. This year the company began the development of the first ATV Tire, as well as the first ARCO branded tire for Armstrong Tire.

1979 – Expansion to Gardena

After the addition of several product lines Nankang USA saw a location move, settling in a much larger 12,000 square ft warehouse located in Gardena, California. Later that year Nankang USA began supplying original equipment tires for Snapper Lawn Mower.

1981 – Nankang USA’s New Warehouse

Within two years Nankang USA saw the need to expand its location once more, the company built its very own 26,000 square ft warehouse located in Compton, California.

1982 – 10 Years

The year 1982 marked the 10th anniversary of Nankang USA, celebrating a decade of successful business since its founding in 1972.

1983 – Acquisitions and More Expansion

Within another year the company needed a larger location in order to keep up with its growing production, increasing from the the 12,000 square ft warehouse to a much larger 46,000 square ft warehouse also located in Compton, California. The year 1983 additionally marked the acquisition of Formula Tire – Motorcycle by Nankang USA.

1987 – Growing into Rancho Dominguez

Four years later, outgrowing their location once more, the company made the decision to purchase a 115,000 square ft office and warehouse in Rancho Dominguez, California.

1988 – Adding Boats to the list

In 1988, Nankang USA added Ranger Bass Boats and SenDel aluminum wheels to their list of original equipment customers.

1991 – Radial Passenger Tires

Nankang USA debuted their first Nankang-branded passenger tires.

1992 – 20 Years Strong

The following year marked the company’s 20th Anniversary, celebrating two decades of business since 1972. That year the company went on to acquire both Del Manufacturing and SenDel Custom Aluminum Wheels.

1996 – Doubling Down

Nankang USA purchased a new 250,000 square ft office and warehouse located in Compton, California; nearly doubling its distribution space from their previous location.

1997 – 25 Years and Commercial Medium Truck Tires

The year 1997 signaled the official 25th anniversary since the company’s founding in 1972, celebrating a quarter-century of quality sales and distribution. That year Nankang USA debuted Commercial Medium Truck tires.

2000 – Changing to Tireco, Inc.

In 2000 the company underwent an official name change from Nankang USA to its present-day Tireco, Inc. The newly named Tireco, Inc. again sought a larger commercial space, settling on a 460,000 square ft location. Later that year, the company debuted their first Ultra-High Performance tires.

2003 – The Launch of Forte

Within three years, Tireco, Inc. successfully launched Forte Custom Aluminum Wheels in 2003.

2006 – The Birth of Milestar

One year later, Tireco, Inc went on to debut the Milestar Tires line for Passengers Car, SUV, CUV, and Light Truck applications.

2006 – Fontana Warehouse

Finding a need for additional space, Tireco, Inc. purchased a 1.1M square ft warehouse located in Fontana, California.

2008 – Our Current Location

The company saw the acquisition of the former Nissan Corp HQ building in 2008. Located in Gardena, California, this is the current location of the company’s headquarters today.

2012 – 40 Years

In 2012 Tireco, Inc. celebrated its 40th anniversary, seeing several name and location changes over the past four decades.